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Almighty in the mirror

“You see the Almighty in the mirror because the Almighty is you. You are the one paving your own path.”

We hope the Almighty in the Mirror will help you make your life richer and bring more love and joy into it. Our wish goes out to you and all the people of this world. We have faith in you and know you can make it if you try.

Mateja and Franci

ENG-platnicaOthers about book

The greatest strength of this book is that it does more than teach you; it’s a story that will captivate your attention right to the last page, making you laugh and cry along the way. It’s a lot like life itself, really; it’s bitter and sweet, easy and difficult at the same time; an insightful story about the lessons learned. Just like our heroine who turns to her Teacher for help, we all come across similar challenges and obstacles but only a few among us can find the right words to tell the story of our journey. With this book, you too can learn and grow just like our heroine.

And believe me, you will recognize yourself in the story and wonder if it was written for you personally. So accept this book as the wonderful gift that it is and know it found you for a reason.

Marci Shimoff

MarciShimoffMarci Shimoff is one of the nation’s leading personal transformation experts and one of the best‑selling authors on personal growth and transformation in history. She wrote several titles in the world‑famous Chicken Soup series and she was an advisor and a featured teacher in the sensational movie and book hit, The Secret. Her books have sold more than 14 million copies and they have stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for over 118 weeks.

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